Equal opportunity for everyone, evaluation based on success, right person for the right job, continuous improvement of our manpower by adhering to the principles of wage based on performance and competencies, and making it permanent superiority in the global competition environment.

Orientation Process:

To facilitate the adaptation of our employees supported to the company with the orientation program, which is designed separately as short and long term.

Adaptation Period:

Our employees are closely monitored by human resources and department managers during six-month period from the date of employment, and they quickly responded to needs and expectations.

Performance and Talent Management:

Performance of the employees is evaluated annually. The target is determined and the realization controls are monitored with interviews organized during the year, the employees are provided with feedback on the periodic performance results through the interviews organized at the end of the year.

Open Positions:

If you would like to join Akplast family, you can fill out job application form by clicking the appropriate link for you. During the recruitment process, the applications made are filtered according to position qualifications and suitable candidates and they are invited to the interview processes. Except for the announcement period, applications made through our website are kept in the job application store.

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