Covid-19 Preventions

As Akplast; we continue to produce and enrich the economy to turn the wheels in industrial sector which is locomotive of Turkish economy in period of Covid-19. And we will. Our firm has taken precautions to produce properly with principles which are “ save my employee, save my business, save my partner.”


As Akplast Family, all our employees and our valued customers health is our priority. In this unexpected period we are in, we are working with all our strength to provide you with the best possible service uninterrupted and secured.

#Save my employee

  • The highest level of hygiene protocol was implemented in common areas of our company such as all offices, production areas and meeting rooms, Disinfection and ventilation filter cleaning frequency has been increased. Production areas and offices ventilation are provided naturally at certain intervals. Special ozone disinfection is applied in general areas, shuttles and company vehicles and disinfection is applied regularly at every shift change.
  • The cleaning frequency of offices, production areas and places where hand contact is frequent (door handles, stair rails, meeting rooms, WCs, etc.) has been rearranged.
  • New arrangements were made in our office and production lines in order to protect the social distance of employees throughout the workplace.
  • #Save my business

  • As of the first case, our new working orders and the measures we have taken in our companies were shared with all our partners.
  • All our partners were informed about the production processes of our facilities and it is done periodically.
  • #Save my partners

  • All external visits to our offices and facilities were postponed, and important visits started to be made according to HSE protocols.
  • Meetings with all customers, suppliers and third parties have been transferred to the digital environment until second decision. All crowded organizations and company activities have been postponed.
  • Online systems have been prepared for our customers to improve their business development processes and continue to be prepared.
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